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Farewell to KTVK

It’s so weird to think tomorrow is my last day at Channel 3, KTVK.  It’s even crazier when I look back and realize I’ve been there for 5 years.  When I think of my career in Phoenix I tend to think of Fox 10 and my time there - maybe because it had such a profound...


Gina is a busy wife, mother and tv Co-Host who works tirelessly to “keep it all together”.  When Gina isn’t interviewing local celebrities and business leaders for Your Life Arizona on KTVK in Phoenix you can probably find her in her car driving her three children to their countless activities, whipping up a meal in 30 minutes or less, normally something in the crockpot, or volunteering.  Gina’s multi-colored paper calendar and favorite organizing app keep everyone healthy, fed and where they need to be… usually!  


Gina loves helping others and sharing the ups and down of family life.  She believes that honesty, a sense of humor and shared experiences can help all moms and dads through the joys of raising children.  Through her blog Gina provides a little light, helpful tips and laughter for moms sitting in the pick up lane at school, buzzing down the carpool lane to activities, working out on the treadmill or just enjoying a cup of coffee on the patio alone… Hey we can all dream right! From food, fashion, travel and social issues Gina helps moms live their best life.


Gina is the owner of Gina Marie Productions LLC, a communications consulting company specializing in media coaching, host training and public relations.  She is a UCLA Alumna.  Gina resides in Scottsdale, AZ with her husband John Hook, their twin boys and daughter.  


June 5, 2019      

It’s so weird to think tomorrow is my last day at Channel 3, KTVK.  It’s even crazier when I look back and realize I’ve been there for 5 years.  When I think of my career in Phoenix I tend to think of Fox 10 and my time there – maybe because it had such a profound impact on my life in such a short time frame.  It’s also the job that brought me to Phoenix.  I was there for 3 years.  When I first moved to Phoenix my plan was to stay for one year.  Phoenix is a large news market and very competitive.  Lots of big stories of national interest happen here and I figured I would build up my resume and news reel then jump to LA or Chicago!  Then, I met my future husband and everything changed!  I laugh thinking back on that time and naive me who thought this was a pit stop, not my new home.  But Phoenix has become my home.  


Taking the job at KTVK was a turning point for me as I had worked for myself since 2000.  Going back to corporate America was strange yet fun and easy.  Paychecks just showed up in my bank account every 2 weeks, I suddenly had a company matched 401K again and it gave purpose and structure to my days.  It was fun to get out and meet community members again and work with one of my favorite photogs of all time!  When my position suddenly changed from Host of Better Arizona to Co-Host of Your Life Arizona the job demanded more hours in the office and extra hours off site.  It was another big adjustment but an exciting challenge as the show was filmed live and included many moving parts.  I’ve interviewed famous actors, authors, bloggers and met the top chefs in the world!  Even better, I have eaten like a queen as they leave their sensational creations for our lunch!  I once took an entire cooked lobster home for dinner in a giant ziplock bag that I stuffed into my tote bag!  I’ve had more French macarons than I can count and I’m pretty sure they are better than any I will ever have!  Our team is small but mighty!  It’s been wonderful reconnecting with Suzanne who was an intern at Fox 10 when I was a reporter. We used to love hitting all the spas in town and shopping.  She always cracks me up with her raw humor and honesty.  She’s not afraid to laugh at herself and it’s a rare gift.  Yet she’s the first person to give you the shirt off her back… with beautiful shoes to match of course!  


What have I learned?  Chatting live on TV comes easy and seems simple to me – but it’s a skill I have worked hard for and I forget sometimes how far I have come since 1994!  I’ve learned that we all struggle with balance, work, home, family, self.  They all need attention, time and love yet, making the most of those 24 hours is a juggling act.  No-one has it down.  Everyday presents a new challenge and a new wrench in the gears.  It’s how we pull together, rearrange, shuffle and lean on our network of friends and family that gets us through and makes the magic happen.  I’m not opposed to the juggle.  I’ve just realized that things have to change in my life and it’s time to adjust my priorities.  


On January 21st I tore my ACL and meniscus and chipped a bone while on a romanic ski vacation with my husband.  We haven’t skied without the kids since 2002 so it was a big deal and a real treat to get this time alone… darn knee!  I didn’t realize how bad it was or how much it would change my life but it has.  We had already been talking about what we would do after my contract at KTVK was up. We both were looking for me to have more time for our family and myself.  Apparently, life, once again, had a different, more pressing plan.  I was out of work for 2 weeks, then in physical therapy for 4 weeks before finally having surgery March 1st.  I was then out another 3 weeks and will remain in physical therapy for 6-9 months!  I’m currently going 3 days a week for 2.5 hours a day.  I’m working so hard and I need to because this former pageant girl refuses to walk with any kind of limp and I am committed to skiing again!  That said, PT has taken even more time away from my family so that left the TV hosting job on the chopping block.  It was a hard decision but one I really had to force myself to make.  I am sad to say goodbye but my kids and husband need me and that feels even better!  I’m not sure what the future holds but I know my heart and mind are exactly where they need to be.